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Desserts recipes

Dessert meaning:
Dessert is the most important and delicious part of our meal. It is usually served at the end of the meal after the main course.
Dessert really derived from French word “desservir” that means “to clear the table”. It signals guest that our feast is going to end on a sweet note. In old times it was candid fruits and nuts that guests can snack on after having lavish meal. But now it has evovled to many types.

Types of desserts
Four main types that usually served are

Hot desserts
Dry desserts
Cold desserts
Quick desserts

Simple dessert recipes:

Dessert food:
Quick desserts recipes:
Dessert menu:
Here in this section, we will share some exotic and easy dessert recipes from all over the world. In Pakistan, traditional or most served dessert recipes are doodh sewayan, fruit trifle, Icecream,ras malai, rice pudding or kheer, sheer khorma and sweets like burfi, gulab jaman etc.
Our sweet tooth always needs some sweet, I love sweets and desserts so even talking about it is giving me temptation to eat something sweet. Huh!
Healthy desserts benefits
We should be careful eating desserts and sweets in modrate quantity as it has a major role in weight gain and obesity.
Taking it after the meal this will delay the process of emptying stomach so we don’t feel hungry for 4-6 hours. Desserts before meals helps in having less calorie intake as our stomach is already giving the signals of fullnes.

Seems interesting na!

Eating deseerts are so important in having good and peaceful mood ascit lower the blood pressure.