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Chicken Karahi dhaba style step by step recipe

Chicken Karahi is so special and renound almost every feast. We can prepare it easily in just one pot and tastes like heaven. Its unique fragrance and spicy, tangy flavour speak out its presence during cooking and on the dining table.  The secret of method of cooking this dish...

Beef Nargisi kofta Curry In Pakistani Style

Beef Nargisi kofta Curry In Pakistani Style is a really tempting and surprising treat. It can be served as dinner or lunch as a main dish. Here is a recipe for making perfect nargisi koftey with ground beef that will never break and spoil your happiness. You dont need...

Kadhi Pakora Recipe Pakistani With Tips and Tricks

Kadhi Pakora Recipe Pakistani recipe is super delicious, unique with savory and spicy taste. It is usually prepared with yogurt and gram flour(basen) as main ingredients and other ingredients including salt, Red chilli powder, turmeric powder, onion, ginger garlic paste and tomato paste. It is yogurt(dahi) curry with pakora(fitters)...