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Paya recipe: How to make paye with beef bong

Paya recipe is so delicious and it is the treat for winters. Here is an easy way how to make paya with beef bong. Cold weather and gelatinous soup of paya is always a good combination. This dish Paya is famous not only in Pakistan but also among Muslims...

The Famous Chicken Curry: History and preparation

Chicken curry is specially famous in Pakistan and India before 17th century. We use to cook this famous dish on arrival of guests and on jovial occasions at our home. This simple yet so delicious dish is the combination of meat specially chicken along with good combination of powder...

Beef nalli Nihari Recipe: Historic Recipe of Southasia

Beef nalli nihari recipeis a historic dish which traces back to 18th century. This slow cooker shank stew take 6 to 8 hours to cook. People specifically nwabs of subcontinent use to cook it whole night for early morning breakfast. what is nihari meaning? The word nihari comes from...