Making Chicken Nuggets At Home Was Never So Easy!

Chicken nuggets are perfect for kids lunch boxes and as snacks with tea. we can prepare it for toddlers. Making chicken nuggets at home from ground chicken was never so easy and we always have to buy them. Homemade chicken nuggets are healthy and always prepared with quality ingredients. It can be graded as the best chicken breast recipe. Here I am sharing a perfect recipe to make this all-time favourite snack so easy to cook yet never compromise on its taste.

chicken nuggets
chicken nuggets

Ingredients for chicken nuggets:

Boneless chicken breast – 500 g
White Bread – 2 slices
Garlic powder – 1/3 tsp
black pepper powder – 1 tsp
Red chilli powder – 1/4 tsp
Salt – 1 tsp
corn flour-1tbsp
Egg – 1 medium
sugar -1/4tsp
bread crumbs – 1 cup
Oil for fry

How to make nuggets:

  • Mix all ground chicken, spices and egg.
  • Make crumbs out of slices.
  • Add bread slices crumbs into the mixture and knead all the ingredients to mix and let it stay for 30 to 40 min to set.
  • Now make shapes mostly they are rectangle, out the mixture.
  • coat all these prepared nuggets with dry bread crumbs and here at this stage, you can freeze for later or shallow fry immediately.
  • Add 3 tbsp of oil in the pan and fry both sides for about 5 minutes each and serve.

How to freeze chicken nuggets:

Tip: Mixture after shaping and coating with crumbs can be freeze in plastic bags for 3-4 weeks

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Key points:

Mixing of ingredients:

ingredients include ground breast of chicken, egg bread slices in crumbs form and spices. In this recipe of chicken nuggets, I use the shallow fry method to cook. So oil is also an important ingredient along with spices like garlic powder, black pepper powder, Red chilli powder, Salt, cornflour. Chicken should be freshly and finely ground chicken breast. If you wash it after grinding let it drain completely but washing before grinding is a better choice. We remove solid parts of bread slices say its walls before making crumbs. We can mKe these crumbs with knife and hends or use chapper. Both are fine choices. I usually do this with hands easily.

Another ingredient is medium sized egg. It should be fresh and always break it in separate container separate container so if it is spoil we can garbage it and our whole mixture won’t spoil. Egg help in binding all ingredients together while cooking. Before making an important step is mixing of all the ingredients. Knead them like a dough for two three minutes or use chopper to complete mixing. Then cover and let it rest for about half an hour at room temperature but if it is too hot place it in refrigerator to avoid spoilage.

Making of nuggets:

After half an hour make medium size or say fun sized nuggets. We can meke any shape. If we making it for kids animal shape or any other shape if their choice can be made. If ypu find mixture too sticky. We can grease our hand with little drops of oil that will ease the making process. After shapping coat with dry bread crumbs. Add quarter teaspoon of salt to breadcrumbs to make it tastier. If you are making layers on plate make sure to place plastic wrap sheets so while freezing they won’t stick to each other.

Frying of chicken nuggets:

We same method of frying for freeze or freshly prepared nuggets but freeze nuggets will take 10 minutes more for cooking. We shallow fry them. Deep frying is not a good option. Take 3 tbsp of oil in your frying pan and let it hot on low flame. When iil gets medium hot add your nuggets according to size so they won’t over crowded. And fry them from both sides for 5-10 minutes each. Keep the flame low to medium in all process otherwise your nuggets will burn and nobody likes burnt nuggets. One important thing is keep yourself safe from burning and should practice all precautionary measures before cooking. Happy cooking! Cheers

Nutritional information of chicken nuggets:

Chicken provides a good source of protein and if you consume  one nugget you will get 2g3 grams of protein and a person with everage body weight of about needs 70 to 80 grams of protein. Addition of bread slice make them source of carbohydrates and egg is additional source of protein and many minerals. All these ingredients make nuggets healthy snacks for kids and adults.

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