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If it’s beautifully cooked and deliciously decadent, we will teach you how?

Love your food and learn how it cooks in an easy and hygienic way. We at homtainment have divided easy Pakistani food recipes into different subcategories like Beef, Mutton, Chicken, Rice, Desserts, Snacks and Vegetable dishes. We can provide perfect recipes for your main course meal with detail step by step instructions and adjustable ingredients. They are an important part of the meal, very deliciously cooked with a combination of meat like chicken, beef and mutton with different spices. they can also cook as a sweet dish or desserts. Desserts for your sweet tooth to make your life sweet. Desert is the most delicious and loved part of the meal. we can prepare a variety of easy and difficult deserts for our menu. Satisfy your hunger pangs on the go or tea time with these quick-cook snacks recipes.


Fashion is your impressions for other who look and judge your personality through your appearance. This may includes your clothes, shoes. Handbag, makeup and the way to express yourself. Here you can find all about fashion, tutorials on cutting, stitching and their patterns, trendy designs and much more.


Forget your boredom and monotony start living with your healthy and exciting style. A healthy lifestyle is the key to a shining and successful life. The first step to get an inspiring lifestyle is to know your Healthy BMI range and for work for your betterment. Get your BMI from BMI online calculator right now. Your life style reflects in your thoughts and then through your attitude. Healthy lifestyle improves your skills, your abilities and your approach towards problems. It would be better to say that healthy lifestyle lessen your problems.

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